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Your wedding dj is a fully trained audio visual technician who will program the lighting to suit your wedding disco theme. All of our lighting is DMX computer controlled giving us the control to set the mood of your event and tailoring to suit the occasion and venue. We can supply an Uplighting pack for your Venue which enables us to set the atmosphere perfectly.
With a little haze in the air
The lighting as with the sound system is flexible in that you can have as little or as much for your event as you wish. We can talor the the lighting to provide you with an intimate low key effect or in contrast we can give the venue an exiting club atmosphere.


The Live Panel Screen


PCDJ DMX is the complete light control solution for the professional DJ or nightclub in the most demanding conditions. The DMX light controller is a powerful, yet easy-to-use software and hardware package that delivers you the features to control, program, sequence, and perform with any DMX-compatible lighting fixture. Set and perform amazing sequences with moving lights, par cans, lasers, hazers, media servers, and more. With PCDJ, you can DJ, VJ, and Light Jockey at the same time!

The bluelite x1 screen

For a dramatic effect we have LED Uplighters which enable us to colour wash the venue or marquee with any colour you would like. With this in mind your wedding disco can match your preferred colour scheme.

These lights are part of our computer controlled system and can produce any colour or colours you wish.

The lighting template editor
Uplighting in a Marquee


All of our equipment is top specification and is maintained to a very high standard

and it is also PAT tested regularly for you and your guests safety.

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