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The term Atmospherics is the title given to effects used to enhance the lighting rig and add a little extra wow factor to the show.
Using a little haze to enhace the lighting effect
We have a unit known as a hazer this works in a similar way to a smoke machine but only gives out a light haze as opposed to a cloud of smoke, this in turn enhances the light beams projected und the room.


The hazer we use is a Jem/Martin 24/7, this unit is used throughout the world in theatres and for concert performances by some of the top acts. The system can be connected into our computer controlled lightng desk to tie in with the preformance. The unit uses a water based haze fluid and is suitable for use where asmatic people will be present.


We have several smoke machines which can generate a thick 'Pea Soup' odourless smoke curtain, this can be a very dramatic effect in corporate launch scenarios where a product emerges from the white smoke. We also have low level foggers this causes the fog to lie at floor level and this creates a cloud effect on the stage or dance floor. Some clients have requested some form of bubble generator and we now have an Antari B200 computer controlled Bubble machine which can deliver several thousand small bubbles per minute.


Although both our hazer and smoke machines use a water based fluid to generate an odourless haze or smoke some venues do not allow operation of these units due to operating procedures within the venue. If this is the case we will not go against the wishes of the venue management regarding the use of this or any other equipment but we will endevour to reach an amicable solution to your requirements .


All of our equipment is top specification and is maintained to a very high standard

and it is also PAT tested regularly for you and your guests safety.

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