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Sound System

As with every aspect of our show the sound system we use varies with your chosen venue so here we give you an idea of the equipment we have and how and where we use it.

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The sound system really should start with the sound and lighting booth that we have had custom built to be as flexable as possible. This booth has been used in small venues and to control shows with up to 3000+ guests.

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We use predominately Denon equipment within the Booth. We store the vast majority of our music on an instant recall system this is hosted on a 4u rack mount server and utilise a DAC3 controller along with the keyboard and mouse. On occasions we play directly from CD's so we have a top of the range Denon DN-D9000 twin CD Decks. The mixer is a Denon DM800 and this is used to send the signal to a sound processor unit. The amps we use are from BK Electronics and are hand built precision amplifiers delivering 1000w RMS each we use multipules of these as required.

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Our choice of speakers are BOSE and AC Euro. We use the Bose 802's for most functions with sound reinforcement from the AC Euro bass bins. We also have another range of speakers available including Peavey Hi-Sis 4XT's these speakers are designed around 2x18" Black Widow Bass drivers and a flared compression horn.
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Road Ready Twin Console Cases


All of our equipment is top specification and is maintained to a very high standard

and it is also PAT tested regularly for you and your guests safety.

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