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Fingask Castle - Rait, Perthshire


Fingask Castle across the lawn


Fingask is well located for Corporate events. Near enough (one hour by car) to Edinburgh and Glasgow to be easily reached and far enough away to feel secluded. Fingask has many of the facilities of an hotel yet but without the other guests!



Main view of The Pavilion at Fingask Castle

The Pavilion can seat up to 350 people dining or up to 500 people seated for a presentation. There is also a delightful reception area with wonderful views over Dundee and Fingask.

Fingask is a wonderful place for celebrations. Here you can hold a party for 400 people in the prettiest pavilion in Scotland or have an intimate marriage ceremony in the copper, scarlet and gold belvedere. There is St Peter's Wishing Well, with a proven record of fulfilling wishes, to give private support to your public statements. If it is a big party you can stay in the castle and receive your guests like a laird. If it's a wedding, the wedding party can return to the castle while their guests live it up in the pavilion. There are three four-poster bedded rooms filled with antiques and family portraits. The wedding party can stay in the Castle. Friends and relations can stay in cottages on the estate and in the numerous hotels and B&Bs nearby.
Fingask Pavilion on the lawn  


The Pavilion at Fingask Castle


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