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About Technet101

Technet101 is a professional entertainment Company and not as you may find elsewhere a part time operation. We spend time planning your Wedding, Civil Ceremony or Corporate Event before the actual day, this includes site visits and client consultation meetings in order to assure a smooth operation on the day we take planning very seriously. We have almost 30 years experience in discos and mobile entertainment and can provide you with music from the 1940s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s and upto the present day. We have a comprehensive Event Planner on our website allowing you to customise the event to your own requirements prior to the big day. Our music database is available to you and your guests on-line to pre-request the tracks you want to hear and also avoid from 172,000 tracks. We can provide lighting and sound tailored to suit any venue or  application from a small mobile disco to a full blown Mobile Night Club including 6.8Kw HiFi quality stereo sound system 9Kw computer controlled intelligent lighting rig and four head computer controlled laser system.


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