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Our entire database comprises of over 183,000 tracks, covering a huge range of music genre's and era's. This will be with us at your Wedding Reception or Corporate Event. You are of course welcome to supply your own CD's for any real rarities. When searching through our huge collection to create the request list, previously some couples became very excited and drew up very lengthy request lists of over 170 songs! Remember that for a 4-hour Wedding reception or Corporate Event, the maximum amount of songs that could be played is around 60! (Average of 4 minutes per song played back to back). It is virtually impossible for us to play such a request list and also makes it very restrictive for us on the night and less able to react to what is happening on the dancefloor. When you become a client of ours and you are given your own on-line event planner, you will see that when you search for a track, next to the each track are 3 coloured buttons; Green, Yellow and Red. The Green button adds it to a "Must Play List", the Yellow button adds it to a "Play If Possible" list and the Red button adds it to "Do Not Play" list. Please add songs that are very very special to you to the "Must Play" list. The "Play If Possible" list is to give us an idea of the types of music you like. Both of these lists have a maximum number of entries because as mentioned above, there are only so many songs that can be played in one night.

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